Spirits: Heather Despair Book Three, A Spirit Prince: Half-Ghosts Part One both on Amazon! Aether’s Half: Half-Ghosts Part Two up for pre-order! And some vampire stuff.

I had a burst of energy or maybe it’s the coming of Halloween and NaNoWriMo following it. Halloween is my POWER holiday, so to celebrate, the entire Heather Despair series is now live on Amazon.com. Soon I will have paperbacks and box sets.

I also re-issued A Spirit Prince: Half-Ghosts Part One. I originally published it in 2015 but this is a whole new, improved version.

Then I put Aether’s Half: Half-Ghosts Part Two up for pre-order on Amazon. The full book will be available November 30, 2018.

Finally, the reading went well at Village Books and I gave away 34 freebies of a 15-page sample of An 80s Kind of Vampire. I’m writing at a good pace and doing NaNoWriMo to support my writing practice. The book will be finished by the end of November, possibly mid-December. If I can stop laughing long enough to write more.

That’s all for now! The sample of An 80s Kind of Vampire is still available for 99 cents on Amazon. I’d have it up for free but that apparently that takes an involved strategy I have no time to implement, so do with it what you will.

I love how Amazon makes things so instantly available. This is a major advantage of the ‘zon. Combining the reading with a free giveaway worked really well. I’ve never given away that many of anything before. It might sound weird that I can’t give a lot of something away for free, but you’d be surprised how picky people are. I’m still learning how to create demand, even for something that’s free!

Anyway, Vincent say happy feasting, humans! Enjoy the turkey while you can. Give thanks the vampires stayed away from your neck.

See you next month!




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