NUMBER THREE! Pre-orders of SPIRITS now on Amazon! Never before published!

After a bumpy couple of weeks, SPIRITS: Heather Despair Book Three is available for pre-order on Amazon. Price is 99 cents until Oct. 31 … Halloween! Go get yours here!
Paperback versions will also be launching soon for all three books and a box set will be available… so much to do!
I will be reading an excerpt from my new book-in-progress, An 80s Kind of Vampire, on Oct. 29th, 7 pm, at the Village Books. In the basement. See you there!
Here, at last, is the awesome cover spoiler for SPIRITS, with Emmett on the cover:HeatherDispair_BOOK3


Emmett Fitzhugh doesn’t believe in ghosts.
He’s been living at the Vic for three weeks. The others insist the place is haunted. Emmett knows it’s a bunch of nonsense.
This worries Heather. A lot. The spirit world desperately needs its champion. But she brought him to the mortal world. Emmett’s sitting in the Vic unaware of his destiny and it’s all her fault.
It’s time for Heather to take Emmett on a journey. The same journey he once took her on. A quick visit to the afterlife should do the trick…
investigating Emmett’s past awakens an ancient rival. One who can no longer be ignored. One who demands an impossible sacrifice. Driven deep into an inescapable underworld, Heather and Emmett struggle to do the right thing. But will they ever see the light of day again?
Grab the exciting conclusion to the Heather Despair trilogy! Never before published!  Get yours TODAY!


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