Pre-orders of PORTALS: Heather Despair Book Two. Now 99 cents! Cheap! Get ’em while they last!

I have launched pre-orders for the next Heather Despair book, PORTALS. I love typing PORTALS. Get yours here.

Awesome cover spoiler: HeatherDispair_Book2

PORTALS, yes, PORTALS! The next episode in the Heather Despair saga. Well, okay, then. What happens in PORTALS, Leslie?

Heather Despair returns!

A big reception! A spirit world dance party! The spirits welcome Heather as Emmett’s new protégée.

Emmett’s in a tux, giving Heather butterflies. He can really dance! Heather can’t fall in love with a ghost. If only he were mortal . . .

Visions interrupt their dancing. A great evil, hidden in the junkyard. Can Heather face La Llorona, the terrifying river spirit who drowned her own children? She may have to.

Digging deeper into the mystery, Heather seeks the All. An ancient spirit god, lost a hundred years ago.

Dangerous. If the All and the Bellum clash, it could spell the end. For both worlds.

Is Heather up for an epic battle between spirit gods?

And if Heather and the worlds survive, will she EVER escape her stepfather’s junkyard?

Spirited YA urban fantasy! Perfect for Halloween. Get it TODAY!




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