Pre-orders for Mortals: Heather Despair Book One now available on Amazon!

Pre-order the book here.

“But I read the old version!” you say. “What will I do with this new version?”

Read it.

It’s 75% better than the old version.

Just think of them as alternative realities that complement each other.

I do it all the time. Believe me, it’s not a problem. And this new version is really good.

Plus, I promise it’s the last version I will put out.


Next, get ready for the new PORTALS! Heather Despair Book Two, coming mid-October.

And on Halloween, SPIRITS! Heather Despair, Book Three. Never before published!

Keep on rockin’ and I’ll see you on Twitter and Facebook.

Yours truly,

Leslie Edens Copeland

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