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New titles coming from Spectricity Books!

Pre-orders for The Odd Pizza Place now available on Amazon!

It’s up and available! My first science fiction book, The Odd Pizza Place, is now on Amazon as a pre-order. Very excited to launch this into the world where it shall spawn and turn the Earthlings into cyborg slaves–Ahem. Where it shall entertain millions. Or perhaps a few dozen people.


All New Despair Coming in October 2018!

Beginning in October 2018, I will rapid release the new and improved Heather Despair trilogy! This is a completely rewritten series, with all three books to be released in October: MORTALS, PORTALS, and the never-before-published SPIRITS. The improved series contains new plot twists and exciting covers designed by the talented Mariah Sinclair. Energy is tingling up and down my spine just thinking about it! Above is a sneak peak at the new cover of the first Heather Despair book, MORTALS.


Introducing The Half-Ghosts!

In case you ever wondered what happens when a mortal girl and a spirit boy grow up, get married, and have kids…

In January of 2019, I will be rapid releasing The Half-Ghosts series, a mini-trilogy that follows the adventures of Hemmett and Aether, the twin children of Heather and Emmett. With epic battles, supernatural drama, and sibling rivalry galore, this series is sure to make you fall in love with the half-ghost twins. Here is a spook look at the cover of the first book of the series, A Spirit Prince.

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