My new series will be a vampire series.

Vincent Rocker

And Vincent will be that vampire.

I’ve done quite a few books from the perspective of supernatural humans, ghosts, and half-ghosts. I did one from the perspective of an alien.

A little known fact: I was a vampire groupie and a MAJOR Anne Rice fan in the 80s.

This puts me in a primo position to write a book series entitled An 80s Kind of Vampire.

Imagine it’s 1988, you’re seventeen years old, and you can’t get into the clubs. You love music, you love to dance, but you can’t seem to get down with the moves. But there’s someone who promises they can get you in. It’ll just take a small amount of your blood…

Fast forward thirty years. The 80s are long gone, the music has gotten old, but you haven’t. And you still haven’t gotten tired of dancing the night away. 80s dance clubs are getting harder to come by, but that doesn’t stop you from hunting at your favorite one every single night. You dance to feed, and feed to dance. The bodies are piling up, but you don’t care. You’ve found your true calling, what you were always meant to be. You’re An 80s Kind of Vampire.

I’m having a great time planning (yes, planning!) this series. There shall be 80s jargon. There shall be dance moves. There shall be song titles and 80s references and a whole new idea of what it is to be a vampire, not previously explored. This is really going to be a fun series, and I’m enjoying the “research” immensely (mostly involves listening to a lot of 80s music, watching 80s movies and old videos, and buying T-shirts at Value Village). Hey, I don’t have to research it. I lived it. But some things do get kinda crusty in the memory after so much time has gone by. So I guess I’m doing my first ever historical research, on a time period I lived through.

These books will be dedicated to anyone and everyone who has gotten stuck in the 80s. But also to my friends, living and dead, who introduced me to so much great music over the years. I am eternally in your debt.



2 thoughts on “My new series will be a vampire series.

  1. Awesome! I do hope New Order is on your playlist. Your research sounds super fun, and hey, it’s research even if you lived in the 80’s. I was 16 and goth in 1988, so I think I am going to love your vampire.


  2. “Fine Time” is the very first theme song in the first chapter, used during Vincent’s getting-ready-to-go-out opening montage. I’m sure “Blue Monday” and “Dracula’s Castle” will also squeeze their way in–possibly many others.

    I am trying to figure out how to handle goth, because I want it in the story, but Vincent hates goth. However, I like it, and I’m hoping to convince him to give the goth club a chance, or at least dispatch a few victims there.


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