Pre-orders of Portals, book two in the Heather Despair series!!!

Pre-orders for Portals, book two of the Heather Despair series, can be placed at Smashwords! The book will be published March 31, 2018.


Heather Despair returns! Her mortal friends, Lily, Trenton, and Oskar, have until midnight to prepare themselves for Heather’s spirit world reception. As Emmett’s new mortal protégée, Heather will learn about the dangers of evil spirits–and about spirit dancing. But does she really want to converse with La Llorona, the spirit of the weeping woman who drowned her own children? And Heather balks at Emmett’s insistence that she meet the Bellum, lord of chaos and universal evil.
Back in the junkyard, the ghost of Valente de los Santos begs Heather to solve the mystery of his vanished bones. Then Bruce tries to remove the Ring of Esperance from Heather’s finger–and Sam shows up just in time–and events unfold that reveal a shocking truth about Emmett, the boy spirit she knows only as a teenaged Victorian gentleman. Culminating in an epic battle between spirit gods, and a surprise transformation that even Sam didn’t see coming, only Heather–and her writing skills–can save them all from the clutches of the Bellum.
Portals is the second book in the Heather Despair trilogy. Populated with gods, ghosts, tricksters, LGBTQ and minority characters, and a strong female lead, the series details the adventures of medium Heather Despair and her friends both spirit and mortal, as they travel between Portales Espirituales, New Mexico, and Dead Town in the spirit world.


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