Recipe for a Leap of Faith

Here I shall list my recipe for a leap of faith. Actually, I have designed an entire outline for how to write an epic-type book. I wrote it out the other day when I was trying to avoid writing a certain touchy scene wherein a favored character betrays his father. My books all follow what is known as the Levi-Strauss or possibly Joseph Campbell line (yes, I read academic studies of folklore from time to time. I came within inches of a career as a folklorist). You’ve probably heard of this, though. The Hero’s Journey (it’s worth memorizing):

  1. The hero is presented with a challenge, rejects it, and is forced or allowed to accept it.
  2. He/she travels on the road of trials, collecting powers and allies, and confronts evil, only to be defeated.
  3. This leads to a dark night of the soul, after which the hero takes a leap of faith that allows him/her to confront evil and be victorious.
  4. The student has become the teacher.

That’s it. Epic-style book in a nutshell. The rest is all in the details. Should the above prove too abstract, just think Star Wars and you’ll have it.

Since as usual, I’m supposed to be doing five other things right now, I’ll just list my recipe here and be off. It’s a bit tongue-in-cheek.

Recipe for a Leap of Faith!

Leap of Faith = old power + new power of mythic deepness

Yes, the answer was within them all along, but how do these leaps of faith work, precisely?

Take 1 (one) old power:

–wamprat shooting

–good with animals



Using visions or a long night of the soul, combine with 1 (one) new power of mythic deepness:

–the Force

–Lion turtles

–Lexiverse manipulation

–vision of what to carve

Results vary, but expect not only triumph over the forces of evil, but deep insight. Can be shown different ways:

–The Force will always be with me. I can trust it.

–Found a new way to fight back, but not kill opponent

–Imagination triumphs over control

–Magic is letting things be what they want to be


For A+ presentation, word the deep insight as a pithy saying.

That is all! You now have a home-baked leap of faith!



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