“That rabble that calls itself my fans…”

Still working on Oskar Ottokar Chandler, Paranormal Extraordinaire, but I’m all but finished. Meanwhile, in November I finished a supplemental novel to that one–yes, another nanowrimo novel–called Diary of a Mad Editor. That one is in Coney Idyll’s voice, and what a fun voice it was. A very voicy voice–no rules! I learned that if you pick a rule breaker for your POV character, you can do really fun things with words. He makes up words like “boy-likey-ness” and just doesn’t bother with grammar or correct terms at all. Also, he’s got a naughty mind, which added to the humor considerably.

Plus Coney is another great trickster. Don’t tricksters just make the worlds go round? Getting Coney in the same scene with trickster Emmett worked surprisingly well. Maybe some day I’ll write a novel that contains only tricksters. I wonder how that would come out?

Most of my characters are creative people in some vein, but Coney is on another level. He actually is famous, “the elusive and mysterious editor of the deadzines, of the rabbit logo” and he has packs of fans. If he weren’t forced to hide underground from the MIBs who want to capture him and wipe his memory, he’d spend more time at signings with “that rabble that calls itself my fans.” But the horrible things that have happened to him tend to work in his favor, and so the fewer appearances he makes, the more popular he becomes. He’s so popular, he gets free stuff everywhere he goes, and so even though he’s incredibly rich, he can’t figure out what to do with “the green stuff” that keeps showing up in his pockets. Money multiplies around Coney like bunnies making more bunnies. “Lettuce for the rabbit” he calls it, and complains “there’s old Benjy again” when he finds more hundreds in his pants pockets or sticking out of his closet. “What do I have to offer Oz, besides fame and fortune?” he worries, as if that amounted to nothing. And perhaps it does. Perhaps he is right.

I hope to one day have these books in shape to be shared. I’ve hired a new editor and I’m very excited about finally getting Heather Despair into readable condition. Kids, beware! If you write a pack of books, you’re going to have to get them edited too! The fun doesn’t stop after the first draft! And if you have a bunch of rabble that calls itself your fans, they won’t let up until you get the books out there! So I want to thank all ten of those people for being the best rabble in all the worlds. I promise to give you the best I have to offer.



Sketches of Coney Idyll. He seems to stick his tongue out a lot.




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