Oskar Ottokar Chandler, Paranormal Extraordinaire

My latest book is a very different book than I thought it was going to be. A much better book. What started as a mildly humorous paranormal detective story wound up a paranormal gay love triangle. It’s funny, as they all are, but heart-wrenching, and somehow, much deeper than the previous books. This book holds secrets. It may be the first, but I’m hoping it’s not the last of mine to do so. I feel like I’ve reached a new level with this one.

It’s the story of Oskar Chandler, “Oz,” whose friends are all spiritualists and whose relationship with his boyfriend Trenton is pretty solid. He takes off on a journey into the heart of the notorious MIBs of the town of Portales Espirituales, hoping to solve a few mysteries. Who is the lost Chandler? What killed Oskar’s parents? And how are the MIBs hiding from seers and spiritualists alike? In his search, Oz meets a strange vegan anarchist, Coney Idyll, who lives in a network of tunnels under the town–and his life is never the same.

I’m writing along at a nice clip on this one, around 2 k ¬†each day, and hoping to have it finished before nanowrimo begins, when I’d like to do a book from Coney’s voice. Probably a diary. In the meantime, here’s some art the story inspired. Yes. This one’s called Angel Boys.