Half-Ghosts Reunion

I’ve gotten a little side-tracked rewriting my first book, Heather Despair (Oh no! Not again!), but I did complete the Half-Ghosts #3, entitled Half-Ghosts Reunion. It is a fun ride if I do say so myself. A definite good scene. I’m not posting it online anywhere because I have the notion that it may not be good to tip my hand too much. However, I hope to make ebooks out of the two trilogies I’ve written and make them available for purchase on Amazon. I think that would be fun to have a pack o’ books on there. That’s not to say I’m lazing off. I’m working hard. Not only do I have the two trilogies, but numerous short stories and a half-finished fourth novel for the first series. As proof of my hard work, here is chibi Emmett:chibi Emmett