Chapter Seven of Aether’s Half: An All Epiphany


Aether and Hemmett finally get an answer from Dad–sort of. While the answer isn’t what either twin expected, Hemmett’s very displeased, while Aether feels a growing realization–could it be an epiphany from the All?

When their father has to leave suddenly, they realize that this is a very special day–the day their uncle Samhain d’Espers foresaw that his own death would occur at the hands of the mysterious “Lady Death.” The half ghosts, along with Reid and Serafina, hasten to be with Uncle Sam during this terrifying day. For although Hemmett may be right, and there’s nothing they can do, Aether knows they can at least be with him to the last–and they can at least try.

Is it the end of Sam as we know him? Visit the year 2036 for Samhain d’Espers’ prophesied death/birthday party, now on wattpad:


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