Final Chapter of Aether’s Half: The Strangest World


Separated from Reid and her family, Aether is convinced of the dangers that lie in reuniting with them. In her deified state, she could destroy Reid with a touch, and if she and Hemmett are both deified, they could bring about the Coming End. But is it really her destiny to cling to the edges of existence and the in-between spaces forever, a lonely dark goddess? Or could she find inspiration where she least expects it, only to be drawn into the strangest world of all?

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Aether’s Half, Chapter Nine: Lady Death


Aether holds Samhain’s ghost entrapped, fearful of the Coterie. She explores her powers and ponders wandering the edges of existence as a dark goddess. Then a strange shade appears with a story–the story of her father’s existence long ago.

From the far dimensions, traveling by shade:

Aether’s Half, Chapter Eight: R.I.P. Samhain d’Espers


Happy birthday, Sam. And good-bye.

Uncle Samhain d’Espers has known for over twenty years that he will die on this day–and it is also his 40th birthday. As the spirits and mortals gather around the much beloved seer for his prophesied death / birthday party, Aether worries about who Sam’s killer will turn out to be. Could it be her grandmother, as Sam often claimed? Hemmett thinks they should just leave–they might make everything worse–but Aether insists they should try to protect Sam. Then Aether hears a strange message, and everything changes forever.

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Chapter Seven of Aether’s Half: An All Epiphany


Aether and Hemmett finally get an answer from Dad–sort of. While the answer isn’t what either twin expected,¬†Hemmett’s very displeased, while Aether feels a growing realization–could it be an epiphany from the All?

When their father has to leave suddenly, they realize that this is a very special day–the day their uncle Samhain d’Espers foresaw that his own death would occur at the hands of the mysterious “Lady Death.” The half ghosts, along with Reid and Serafina, hasten to be with Uncle Sam during this terrifying day. For although Hemmett may be right, and there’s nothing they can do, Aether knows they can at least be with him to the last–and they can at least try.

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Aether’s Half, Chapter six: The Subdivided All.


In the Round Room, Hemmett and Aether search for information about the All with the help of Reid and Serafina. Aether wants Reid to ask her to be his girlfriend, but she’s afraid to say anything. But when the time comes to ask their dad a very tough question, will Aether finally find her voice?

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Chapter Five of Aether’s Half: Ghost Psychosis


Aether, Hemmett, and Serafina puzzle over the fate of Reid. What did Hemmett’s crafting do to Reid? Aether fears she will never get him back, and that he is lost to the spirit world forever. But then she remembers a few things about haunting ghosts–and with the help of a well-loved book, Aether may find a way to save her would-be boyfriend.

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Chapter Four of Aether’s Half: A Dark Crafting

IMAG0018Distracted by constant thoughts of Reid, Aether discovers late that Hemmett has¬†disappeared from his room–and they were both grounded! Further investigation reveals Hemmett’s use of script for more than just studying. But when Aether travels to the spirit realm to put a stop to his nonsense, she discovers that Hemmett has a terrible secret–one that strikes Aether to her very crux.

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Chapter Three: The All


Here comes chapter three of The Half-Ghosts: Aether’s Half. The twins just have a few pesky problems to clear up, and then everything will be aces. No need to worry about that dark prophecy given by their infallible seer uncle. And hey! Aether’s getting a little lovin’ from Reid, or is it the other way around? Too bad Hemmett and Aether are still afraid to ask their dad . . . whatever it is they’re afraid to ask their dad. I’m sure it will all work out fine–as long as Hemmett disgorges that mysterious scroll soon!

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