The Half-Ghosts: Aether’s Half


Go to and look under LeslieCopeland2 for daily installments of my second spirited short novel, The Half-Ghosts: Aether’s Half. What’s it about? Well . . .

Half-ghost Aether’s visit to the mortal world with her twin brother, Hemmett, has opened up more questions than it answered. How will they turn out, as half-ghosts? Who is their father Emmett, really? Aether and Hemmett are afraid to ask their father about his true identity. Meanwhile, Aether longs to spend time with Reid, the haunting ghost at the local bookstore. Hemmett, too, has met some mortal girls he likes–especially Serafina. Their parents allow them to roam the mortal world–but with a curfew. With Bellum out of the way and Blade in the spirit world, things should be perfectly safe. Until a little innocent research spirals out of control, and Aether winds up unlocking far more answers–and more danger–than she bargained for.


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