The Half-ghosts

The One

Go to and look under LeslieCopeland2 for daily installments of my latest spirited short novel, The Half-ghosts. What’s it about? Well . . .

Hemmett d’Espers-Fitzhugh is sick and tired of school at the Interspiritual Academy of Portales Espirituales. Most of the students are half-ghosts like him–either his own cousins or kids he’s known all his life–and he’s BORED. His twin sister Aether acts like she’s so perfect all the time. His parents–a spirit and a mortal–don’t know what to do with him. Everyone but Hemmett can communicate telepathically, and his cousins have great control over their spectricity, while Hemmett keeps accidentally zapping everyone. The only thing he’s really good at is spectral script, but the mortal teacher at school keeps teaching elementary lessons that drive Hemmett crazy. Plus, Hemmett’s terribly curious about the mortal world–especially mortal girls. When he decides to go on a spirit tour by himself to the mortal world, his encounters with the mortals and ghosts of the town just might shake things up a bit. But when he stirs up some trouble in the personage of an ancient hostile spirit, it will take every bit of talent Hemmett has to keep the spirit from destroying the town.


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