The Lexicon: A Disturbingly Complete Guide to Spiritualist Terms


The Lexicon: A Disturbingly Complete Guide to Spiritualist Terms

Aether (a term and a name): one of the original twins of d’Espers, a female with golden eyes

Aletheia Mysterium: see Lady Mystery

All, The–one of the four powers of the spirit world. Can also be used as a swear, as in “Good All!” Since the All is legion, another word for the All is Alphala. Also known as Omni.

All’s Hold: the castle in the center of Dead Town, in the middle of the labyrinth, surrounded on one side by the Dead Sea, and over the catacombs

Aphoristic heaven (A. H.): a limited version of heaven created by popular conception

Arachna-location: see spider method

Arbor: the Overwood, Lady Mystery’s celestial realm, the transcendent realm

Artifact of the spirit: aka haunt or object of a haunt, home in the spirit world, center of his universe, etc.

Bat-chis: hybridized half-bat, half-Chihuahua creatures, the product of spirit procreation

Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes: what it sounds like, the war of all against all. One of the four powers of the spirit world, who turned against his brother All. Bellum means “war.” His brand of evil is universal, all-transcendent evil. Can be used to swear, “by Bellum!”

Bident (aka spectricity scepter, large tuning fork): a two-pronged implement that is a traditional weapon of demons. Emmett took his collection of bidents from Plouton that time, during an ancient invasion attempt by Plouton into the upper realms, which Emmett and the other gods repelled. Plouton and the others are all friends now, except for Bellum of course.

The bidents have various abilities. The larger bidents can be used to absorb, hold, and release (fire) spectricity. The smallest bident can be used as a dimensional key that locks the Vic into a slightly shifted dimension, preventing break-in. It can still be seen in this state, but is hazy and transparent.

Celestial coffee: Really? Obviously, this is the coffee that Lady Mystery drinks.

Chocolate milk trick: teleportation, a power activated by extreme desire. Heather uses it at school to get chocolate milk when a bully chases her away from the bin.

Coffee haunt: A coffee shop in the spirit world, which is created by the impression of a spirit who experienced a lot of coffee shops in life. Drinks are levitated, and “payment” is only through experiences for the spirit. “Tips” are generally kriot — rusted keys or small bones, for example. This does not denote value, but attachment. Tips are an acknowledgement of the experience, not payment. Nothing is owed, only given. There is no economy in Dead Town–just experiences, longings, desires, impressions, etc.

Coming End–Familiar with Ragnarok? The Coming End is a prophesied end to the spirit world that will happen when Bellum defeats and swallows or absorbs the All. This will bring about the end of the two worlds, joining them back together into one, and Bellum will rule as the one God. Older spirits and ancients will meet their end, and the remaining spirits and mortals will take a new place in the one world. (Also described as an event at the end of this era’s time when all the ghosts will end their existence. The Fate of the Spirits.) Spirits of Dead Town need Heather and Sam to find out when it is coming.

Coterie: as in a coterie of kindred spirits. A small or exclusive group with similar interests, and can also mean a ring. The Four identify themselves as the reigning spiritualist coterie of Portales Espirituales twenty years ago. The Paranormals are the current reigning coterie, but I would also include their spirit friends in this coterie.

Crux: a swear, and the center of a spirit, akin to a heart in a mortal

Cruxors: a variation on crux as a swear

Dead Sea: a cleansing place for the newly dead as well as a portal to other places in the spirit world. Newly dead spirits are strongly advised to do their time in the Dead Sea before reincarnating or roaming Dead Town and other areas of the spirit realm. To not do so is highly uncouth and considered unhygienic.

dead time: see ecto-time

Dead Town: in the transitional realm of the World Tree, near the center, exists Dead Town, ruled over by the All and administered from All’s Hold, a giant castle fortress in the center of a labyrinth, next to the Dead Sea, and over a catacomb. This is Emmett’s home. In Spanish, it is Cuidad del Muerto: City of the Dead.

deadlight: just a term for the light in the spirit world, since it sure ain’t sunlight.

deadzines: magazines in the spirit world that keep spirits up to date with everything that has happened in the mortal world during their absence

demon cord: an excessively strong cord used by demons to restrain spirits in the Underwood

demon fire: the fire used by demons in the Underwood

demonized: (see also ghost psychosis) what happens when a ghost or spirit or mortal turns demon. Ghosts most commonly demonize due to extended separation from what they are haunting. Spirits and mortals would demonize due to excessive exposure to evil, malevolent spirits, or evil influences. Sam is the only mortal currently known to have demonized.

d’Espers: A family of accomplished and powerful spiritualists who trace their roots back to the original d’Espers twins, Aether and Aeriel. The name was cursed by the Llorona so that everyone mistakes it for “Despair” until the curse is lifted.

Dimensionals: another way of dividing up time/space in the spirit realm. Once one is outside of the World Tree, one travels through other, similar worlds, which are known as dimensions, and going through several dimensionals means traveling through several such worlds.

Disenchanted Forest: the strange forest that rings the portal field outside Dead Town, home to the Feeders and many slough trees. This is the wood for which the Underwood is named; demons and shades sometimes travel up from the Underwood and haunt the Disenchanted Forest. It has a “slough of despond” effect on mortals if they aren’t accustomed to it.

Ectoplasm: the matter of the spirit world, enlivened by spectricity and in the case of a spirit, a crux is the center of one’s ectoplasm. Also, spirits can carry huge stores of kriot in their ectoplasm.

Ectoplastic: a joke term for the stuff that covers seats in Beth’s Coffee Haunt

Ecto-time (aka dead time): Nobody except Sam understands ecto-time (or so he claims). It is basically nonsense because time does not move forward in the spirit realm, and spatio-temporal references are akin to meaningless, although the spirits do pretend, out of feelings of connection to the prior world.

Ecto-vino: good grape juice served as wine in the spirit world at their parties

Far dimensions: this represents dimensions of the spirit world beyond the World Tree (the Transitional realm of Dead Town and the surrounding areas, the Underwood, the Overwood, and the Encircling Realm of the Lexiverse or the Transmogrifying Realm).

Feeders: Classic Evil’s minions who mostly roam free in the wood around the portal field outside of Dead Town. The labyrinth was originally designed to keep them out of Dead Town, since they aren’t very smart. They are, as Emmett put it, “just big, ugly, soul-sucking predators that threaten the fearful and the desirous. So clichéd really.” They have detachable, free-floating jaws that can spring out and bite people, but they don’t retract very well.

Freedom Prophecy– a prophecy which may change the inevitability of the Coming End.

Fool Prophecy–A prophecy that prophesied, among other things, that the Freedom Prophecy would be given. Johnny Vallejos’ role is mentioned within it.

Four, The–as in “The Four” who are the four spiritualists of Portales Espirituales twenty years prior. They refer to themselves as “a coterie of kindred spirits.” They are Valente dos Santos, Max Pollander, Arturo Benavidez, and Able d’Espers.

Full medium–a medium who has graduated past protégé level, and no longer needs to be under tutelage by the operating spirit, although the bond and relationship continue.

Ghost: see haunting ghost

Ghost psychosis: when a ghost is separated for extended periods of time from the object of haunt or from the artifact of the spirit, a ghost can go into temporary psychosis, change into a beast, wraith, or death form (known as “demonizing”), and do a lot of damage–usually spiritual wounds. Healers can reverse some of the damage.

Ghost whisper–spirits trying to speak surreptitiously, which tickles mortal ears

Ghostwriter–one who can write under the influence of ghosts/spirits, or who writes to ghosts/spirits

Ghoul–a ghoul is a creature that can’t live and can’t die, so is stuck and out of place in either realm. Ghouls have not experienced actual death, but the death of their humanity. Ghouls become evil through excessive brooding, hating, and obsessing. Ghouls hate spectricity, but they are immune to it as a weapon. They cannot fly. Their abilities can be unpredictable. They can pass through earth, and they can also attack and eat mortals, but they prefer to eat corporeal remains. They would be categorized as chthonic, I’m sure.

Ghoulspeak: a dialect spoken by ghouls, difficult for mortals to comprehend. Phanzie speaks this, and La Llorona speaks a version of it, heavily influenced by Spanish

Half-ghost: the result of procreation between a mortal and a spirit, a half-ghost can manifest a variety of abilities. It is thought that spiritualist families originate from half-ghosts, or spirit generation, way back up in the family tree.

Haunting ghost: a spirit who remains in the mortal realm and does not go up their portal to the spirit world. All haunting ghosts have a portal nearby waiting to take them up, which can be used by others. Once the haunting ghost uses the portal, it disappears. The spirit ceases to be a “ghost” and must spend years in the Dead Sea before roaming the spirit world at will. At that point, the spirit can pass back and forth from the spirit to mortal realms at will, using the portals of haunting ghosts. The spirit can also choose to reincarnate at any time after coming out of the Dead Sea.

Haunted, The: The mortal-run paranormal bookstore that takes up the ground floor of the Vic and provides not only income but connection between mortals and spirits.

High levity: a highly transcended spirit reaches this level, but it can cause a spirit to be lonely and behave in an incomprehensible and silly manner (or that is how the lower spirits see it). Emmett has passed up opportunities for high levity many times.

Hollowed (unfilling): Part of the process of reincarnation when one is helped by a spirit guide. Experience and personality are gone and only meaning remains.

ILL — interspiritual library loan. This is Lily’s answer to the dissonance between information available in the spirit world libraries (including the one in the Underwood) and the mortal world libraries.

Incant: This is basically a spell involving a little poem or song to make it work. It could also mean to put something in a bottle and save it, like Emmett’s death experiences, which he incants in little vials to prevent them from giving him further trauma.

Infinite Stairwell of the Void: this is a stairwell that leads many places in All’s Hold, including Beth’s Coffee Haunt, the Place of Lost Spirits, the Council room and A.H., and presumably, the Void, although you’d have to progress down it infinitely to get there. Some traveling on this stairwell can be done by going up and down at the right intervals. The stairwell itself is a dark well with walls of stone and some tattered tapestries on the walls, and the stair is actually a spiral staircase that runs down the middle of the well. The well is thought to actually be infinite and has some other peculiarities.

Interspiritual relationship: a relationship between a spirit and a mortal, much maligned by the First Church of Portales Espirituales and loathed by Blade Doctorman, who is himself the product of one.

Keystring–the incredibly long string of keys that Emmett carries. Other spirits carry them too, but Emmett’s is probably setting a record for length. The keys represent his many, many pieces of the All that he has subdivided. It may be they unlock some of them.

Kriot–this is something the spirit attaches to, or in some cases, it serves to connect the spirit or hold them to a plane of existence. Spirits carry kriot in their endless ectoplasm. Think of it as being something like a mind space–the mind can hold endless attachments, ideas, memories–but they get all jumbled around and don’t always come up reliably. However, weird things happen when Emmett starts to rely on bits of his kriot to do things–he starts to rely on his bidents and his glasses and have urgency and things he must do. This makes him more mortal, methinks. He develops a life. He starts to be more reliable and to create things with his nonbook, instead of just looking in there for entertainment.

Lady Mystery (Aletheia Mysterium): one of the four powers of the spirit world, rules the transcendent realm or the Overwood. Seldom seen, but keeps All’s Hold protected. Lady Mystery receives prayers. Can be used to swear, as in “Great Lady Mystery!” Also, Lady Mystery is the mother of the All and Bellum.

Lexiverse: a realm controlled by words. Really a separate universe with complex rules about portaling in and out. There are more than one; they occur throughout the spirit world.

Liminal space: a space between the usual dimensions that can be used for hiding temporarily and escape. When mortals travel in a liminal space, all the water is squeezed out of them and they have to do extreme hydration when they come out again. Often liminal spaces are all but two-dimensional.

Medium: a spiritualist who speaks to and communicates with the dead. Special talents include getting on the good side of the dead, summoning the dead, controlling spectricity, being possessed, writing when possessed by the dead, telepathy, mild visions and seer abilities. More advanced talents include levitation, spectricity shields that allow the medium to pass through walls, telekinesis, teleportation (the chocolate milk trick). Healing powers occur when the spiritualist has golden eyes. Portal making or portal creation would be a very rare and highly advanced skill, almost unheard of.

Metempsychosis: this word means “transmigration of the souls” but Metempsychosis , or Mete, is a reincarnation guide (kind of a reverse psychopomp). She exists as pure meaning, and guides reincarnating spirits through the stages of reincarnation and back to the mortal realm. She can pass through places of high levity with no apparent effect on herself, and she also understands well what stays with spirits and what get left behind when they reincarnate. Mete’s specialty is guiding lost spirits who were creative or artistic in life, but were blocked from reaching their goals.

Nonbook: Emmett’s multipurpose volume. There is a separate document on the nonbook. To date, it holds the records of his lives, communicates messages from the All, and unwrites. It also picks up on whatever Heather writes in her notebook. Heather (the quintessence, joiner of worlds) is the only mortal who should write in the nonbook, but May and Johnny tried, with disastrous results (Johnny’s death). Blade, a half-ghost, also wrote in the nonbook with rather better results, as he is a genius. Emmett is learning to use the unwriting capacity of the nonbook to create in the spirit world.

Nymphala: denotes the nymph is legion (and therefore cannot be diminished by spirit procreation)

Overwood (transcendent realm, the arbor): this is the realm of Lady Mystery, the highest realm in the World Tree.

Paranormals: a club that began as a paranormal investigation club, turned into a writing club, and wound up a loose family of people with spiritualist powers or connections to the paranormal. An important distinction is that the Paranormals are pro-spirit, while some groups of spiritualists hunt or persecute spirits.

Pen of Esperance: an artifact given to the male heirs of d’Espers to control powers–lost during the Roman era

Plouton: one of the four powers of the spirit world, the lord of the Underwood, the lowest realm in the World Tree, which lies under the wood that surrounds the portal field. Can be used to swear, as in “Plouton’s depths!”

Pocket dimension: Just what it sounds like. A small, divided-off world of its own. Used for various purposes, including imprisoning Blade Doctorman, suggested as a way to keep people out of the kitchen when Lily is cooking a delicate recipe, and technically, the Round Room is in a pocket dimension. Also, Bellum creates a pocket dimension in the Lexiverse Junkyard to imprison the Paranormals. The Lexiverse might be considered a type of pocket dimension when merged with the mortal realm, such as when it merges with Bruce’s junkyard and forms Bruce’s Infernal Junkyard. (It is unclear whether the Lexiverse ever fully disengaged from the junkyard. The brimstone would suggest not.)

Portales Espirituales: “Spirit Portals” is a town in New Mexico known for having a high percentage of spiritualists and portals to the spirit world. There is a real town in New Mexico called Portales, but my fictional town bears no resemblance to it, other than the name.

Prior world: a name the spirits call the mortal realm, much as mortals call the spirit realm the “afterlife.” Can also be “prior life.”

Protégée or protégé: a medium or spiritualist trainee, someone being trained by a spirit to work with the spirit world.

Quintessence: a joiner of worlds, the essence.

Ring of Esperance: an artifact given to the female heirs of d’Espers to control powers. It resembles a Victorian cocktail ring with a high, ornate setting and a huge black diamond. It is ridiculously large and conspicuous. The All gifts this ring with the ability to navigate the spirit world, but he does not gift it with the ability to create portals.

Round Room: the special medium room in a turret of the Vic, which is not in the spirit or mortal realms, but in an in-between realm.

Seer: a type of spiritualist who mainly has visions, visitations, hears voices, and has some ability to speak to the dead. Advanced seers can cast their thoughts into the minds of others. Telepathy is also a common ability. Seers generally have limited ability with spectricity, although this mild ability can be enhanced in some situations. Very advanced seers have the ability to cast thoughts out of their minds and create realities, or to envision (manifest) themselves into a real situation, while actually remaining safe at home.

Slough trees: a type of tree that grows around the World Tree and connects the realms. Travel by slough tree is possible if one does not mind becoming covered in sap. This kind of travel is slow and produces visions while one experiences it. Slough tree is the only way to escape the Underwood, once thought inescapable. Mortals can always leave the Underwood this way; sufficiently pure spirits may also leave this way.

Sordid sounds: see games, below

Spectral: anything in the spirit realm could be called spectral

Spectral band: a rock band of spirits

Spectral elevator: an elevator that, while uncomfortable, can transport mortals and spirits to a pocket dimension like the Round Room much better than spiderlocation.

Spectral ink: a type of ink used to write spectral script. The Pen of Esperance has this type of ink. It originates from the waters of the underground river of words that runs below Dead Town.

Spectral script: a coded script used by some spirits — comes with a ready-made decryption wheel that can lock out the wrong reader

Spectral spades: see games, below

Spectral shades (just kidding): “Because we are shades.” –Emmett

Spectral telemetry: a method of finding one’s way around in the spirit world. Where they are in relationship to everything else.

Spectric guitar: the equivalent of an electric guitar from the spirit world

Spektrixx: an invisible spirit DJ, actually Emmett

Spectronica music: EDM as interpreted by spirits, although of course it can’t be electronic–it’s spectric–so it’s SDM in the spirit world.

Spectre-Twister (or Specter-Twister): see games, below

Spectricity: the enlivening energy of the spirit world, that which enlivens ectoplasm, or the “blue electricity” which can be used as a weapon or manipulated to effect changes in the spirit world. Spectricity is generally used in bolts, orbs, and bands. Bolts and orbs are offensive weapons, and bands are restrictive devices.

Spectricity bands: bands made of spectricity that hold a person and restrain them

Spectrometer: a device Blade Doctorman used to detect spirits and ectoplasmic presence

Spider method, spider-location, arachna-location (short distances only): this is a method Emmett uses to get around. Spiders have great spatial skills and a bit of ability to predict the future. Emmett harnesses this ability to find his way over short distances, since he’s extremely weak in spatial skills. For unknown reasons, the method involves throwing a spider into someone’s hair. Possibly this produces the desired response in the spider, terrifying it into action.

Spirit: a non-mortal person who has passed over to the spirit world and is not a haunting ghost. A spirit can come and go from spirit to mortal realms using portals at will. A spirit can choose to reincarnate, travel to dimensions beyond, transcend to high levity (or mid-level if one is a total newbie), or stay in the spirit world indefinitely. Some spirits are deities.

Spirit blind: unable to see spirits. Some mortals are spirit blind until they visit the spirit world. This happened to Sam, who could not see spirits, only hear them, until he visited the spirit world. Mattilda Mopes was spirit blind until Lady Mystery cured her. Spirit blindness is common worldwide, but uncommon in Portales Espirituales, with generations of spiritualists creating a population that is much more likely to see and engage with spirits than the average population.

Spiritualist: an all-encompassing term for a mortal who has paranormal talents. This would include seers and mediums alike.

Spree, sprees: from the word “esprit” meaning spirit, these are spirit creatures inhabiting dust devils.

Stairwell of the void: see infinite stairwell of the void

Static: describes a phenomenon of spectricity gravitating downward, getting stuck in one area, and not cycling at a normal rate, and increasing evil behavior on the part of animals in the spirit world, among other things. Caused by the failure of the All and Bellum to engage in battle, which gave Bellum too much time to explore the capabilities of the Lexiverse and to exert evil influence on both worlds.

Thresholds: this is a concept I was playing with in an earlier version, a way of getting from one dimension to the next. I may still use it–it’s basically a door you need to cross through, with some other weird effects.

Turned against: a term for evil leanings, for being against those who should be your allies and friends, for going over to the dark side

Undead spirit: a loosely used term for a spirit who is likely to remain a spirit or has to remain a spirit. May be used for a spirit who has been a spirit  long time or who spends a lot of time in the mortal realm. This is to distinguish from a regular, reincarnating spirit who undergoes a normal life and death cycle. The Llorona would be an undead spirit. Any spirit who gets stuck in some drama that prevents a normal life and death cycle might be referred to as an undead spirit.

Underwood: the lowest realm in the World Tree, which lies “under the wood” (the Disenchanted Forest) that surrounds the portal field.

Unfilling: see Hollowed

Unnatural: things don’t happen naturally in Dead Town, they happen unnaturally. So spirits there say “unnaturally” when mortals would say “naturally.”

Unwrite, unwritten: to un-exist something, although this has varying degrees. To un-exist a person means to cause that person’s death, and that is absolute. One is either alive or dead, and there is no varying perspective on this (if one is dead, one is dead to everyone). However, for inanimate objects, in some cases, only one thing might un-exist to one person. Unwriting is done in the nonbook. The skill and identity of the writer, type of ink used, and writing used (English? Spectral script?) determine the result.

Note that to un-exist a person could also mean to erase their existence, George Bailey style. This is a bit more complicated to effect, as it involves all that nasty transdimensional math to completely un-exist someone who has been, in the past and in the present.

Prophecies and curses can be unwritten under some circumstances, but it’s complicated.

Vials–Emmett carries vials full of red liquid, aka death vials. They each contain the sorrow and horror of one of his deaths. He has dozens of them. If they break, he becomes traumatized–catatonic–and cannot move for days. They can also be used as a weapon against other spirits. Effect on mortals: unknown, but likely not good.

Vic (The Victorian): a large Gothic mansion known as the Victorian (technically it’s a hybrid of architecture, with many additions). It has real world additions as well as transdimensional enhancements. Has about twice the usual number of turrets, balconies, porches, and windows that a Victorian house would have. It also has many small gardens surrounding it, some which are hidden or grown over. This is the headquarters and home of many of the Paranormals. The paranormal bookstore, the Haunted, is on the first floor. The Round Room exists in an in-between dimension in a turret near the top (not strictly visible from outside, but there is a turret visible which is not the Round Room, but serves to represent it). There is also a cellar with a ghoul, a lab, a central staircase, a large kitchen, and many bedrooms. Other rooms mentioned are bathrooms, a dining room, and a small parlor. The Vic belonged the d’Espers as an ancestral home. Able discovered his ownership and brought his young family there to live while he practiced as a medium. Ownership of the Vic is by spiritual right and the property should never be transferred or sold. However, after Able’s death, Shirleen sold the Vic due to dire financial circumstances (and also probably some distaste and fear). The new owners tried to use it as a hotel but was too haunted for this to continue, so they rented it out to students. Able took it back by “right of the scariest” and Heather later used the services of the Frankelins, a married spirit couple who were lawyers in life, to regain legal title to the Vic for Sam and herself.

Illustrative quotation from Emmett:

“This was not good news. Someone else–a mortal–owned the house I had been casually renovating with spirit portals and dimensional distortions. Why, the ghoul in the basement and the damage from the interspiritual party might be enough to get us thrown out on the streets!
There were gunshot holes in the walls, we’d had a spectral elevator put in, and one of the largest trees had burned down during the church riot.

Why had no one told me that we were in a rental?”

Void: a place where some spirits who will be the forebears of important spiritualist families go to cleanse their souls and make decisions about their future. Also, there is an infinite stairwell of the void nearby.

War of All Against All: see Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes

Zombie: Teddy puts a zombie curse on Plouton which causes him to want to eat brains. Also, when Blade Doctorman’s spirit is separated from his body, and yet his body goes on trying to eat ectoplasmic body parts, Emmett likens his situation to a “zimbie, zumbie, zombie” but both he and Sam claim not to believe in zombies.

Spectral Band Names:

Hellevators: Sam and Eve like this band

The Hitchhiking Ghosts: members are Bubba (Robert), Billy Badbreaks, and Mariana. Emmett and Heather’s favorite spectral band. They play gigs in all the books. They are at Heather and Emmett’s reception, the interspiritual mixer, and Heather’s birthday party. Play an important role in incapacitating demonized Johnny.

Writhing on the Wail: a dark spirit band that plays at the interspiritual mixer

DJ Spektrixx, a spectronica music DJ (Emmett–he always stays invisible as DJ Spektrixx)

Books and Publications:

Abnormal Psychology (a mortal textbook Lily reads while doing research on Trenton)

The Chosen One’s Funeral (a spectral novel)

Deadzines (periodicals–various titles)

A Disturbingly Complete History of Spiritualist Artifacts, author Alfredo Benavidez and Dr. Zetian C. O’Toole in 1802. Updated by Arturo Benavidez in the 1990s, which is when information about the 1890s is added.

Dr. Zetian O’Toole’s Complete Abridged and Updated How-to Book of Portals

Let’s Talk About Reality by Dr. Zetian C. O’Toole (must be a transdimensional expert, also Emmett’s professor incarnation)

Mesmerizing Plants for Fun and Profit

The Nonbook

The Complete and Authoritative Guide to Portals of Portales Espirituales by Mattilda Mopes

The Ghost Tracker’s Guide (like a birdwatcher’s book for people who watch ghosts–not used yet)

Seeing Ghosts by Heather d’Espers

The Specter Bones (a popular paranormal novel–mortal in origin)

A Spiritualist History of Portales Espirituales, Vols. 1 – 8, by Arturo Benavidez

Vol. I: Genealogies (family histories of well-known spiritualist families)

Vol. II: Unnatural History (this contains paranormal biology–fauna and flora–as well as geology)

Vol. III: Transitions and Transmogrification (portals, types of haunts, types of spirits and their visitations)

Vol. IV: I’m leaving this one open for now

Vol. V: Incantations and Incarnations (words effective in summoning spirits and healing, reincarnation and spirit procreation)

Vol. VI: leaving open

Vol. VII: leaving open

Vol. VIII: leaving open

The Spiritualist’s Guide to Ancient Prophecies

TV Shows:

Spirit Hunter, hosted by Jeremiah Jackson


Oct. 15 is Valente dos Santos Day, Día de Valente dos Santos

November 11, 1996 is Samhain d’Espers’ birthday (Scorpio)

August 18, 1998 is Heather d’Espers’ birthday (Leo)

June is Emmett’s birthday month (Gemini) He does not know which day in June is his birthday, but it’s likely he was born on many or all the days of June, at some time or other. (May 22 – June 21 is Gemini)

July 14, 1997 is Johnny’s birthday (Cancer)

May was born in (you guessed it) May. May 20, 1998 (Taurus on the cusp of Gemini)

Trenton is Aquarius (February 14, 1998)


Sordid Sounds (really more of a tonic, comes in a bottle and the user makes a variety of unusual sounds)

Spectral Spades: a spirit card game. The cards dig graves for themselves when they’ve been captured and bury themselves, or they go up in smoke. Used to test and develop spiritualist abilities, since some level of clairvoyance helps tremendously.

Spectre-Twister: a game of Twister, but played forty feet off the ground, usually between spirits, who tend to be much more flexible than mortals.


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